Impressions of an artistic project; “Sojourn(als)” By Ashley Lebedev

I can’t remember if I’ve done a review of another artist’s work on my site before, so this will be my first. But, by it’s nature, the Sojourn(als) project by Ashley Lebedev is not the same for each recipient, so a review in detail of the project would be inaccurate for the next person to receive one of Ashley’s projects.

I have been following Ashley’s work for some time. Something about it resonates with me. Her photos have a painterly look to them (to me) and I assign them a backstory, which is why, I suppose, I enjoy them so much. They reflect something in me.

This is my interpretation, and subject to correction by her about this project. For the last several years, Ashley has been traveling the world, creating art, and soaking in the world in a synergistic feed back loop. She writes extensively in her journals about the trip, and her inspirations. Along the way, she has been doing photos of the locations and inspirations.  The Sojurn(als), then,  are a set of limited edition 4×5 prints in a special hand made box with “stuff” she collected along the way. All wrapped in some old fabric from the costumes she uses in her work. There are 30 sets being made, each different from the other in particulars, but not in the overall scheme of things.

Sorry for the craptastic iPhone photo of the package. This was wrapped with TLC for shipment, and made it fine through the mail.

IMG_1176This is what was inside the box. A leaf sealed with wax with the hand written certificate of authenticity in side the envelope. IMG_1175

The handwritten COA

IMG_1174 The rest of the package. There are 25 photos that took me on a journey through a mysterious world. IMG_1178In case it’s not obvious, I love the Sojourn(als)! I had to wait for almost 10 hours to open them tonight after getting them in the mail earlier today. I knew I wanted to be able to take my time and look over the photos and just take them in.  It was worth the wait. I’m looking forward to going over them again, and again…

This set is part of a limited edition, hand made, collection of meticulously crafted photos and ephemera, and, is priced accordingly. I think the value  and experience is extraordinary though.  Contact Ashley at this email to see if any sets remain: .

Ashely has a note on Facebook about the project here.

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  1. Hey Dave – I totally agree with you, these are wonderful, a great project, and a real treasure with super photos!

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