My First Limited Edition Postcard Set Available Now!

I’ve been thinking about ways to use some of the many thousands of photos I’ve done to good use recently. I was thinking about doing a Blurb book, but decided to try something a little different as an experiment.  I’ve been sending post cards for a while to anyone that asks to be on my list. I’ve written about that here before. Those have been mostly black and white photos I did with my Holga cameras though.
I wondered if anyone would want to “subscribe” to a book that came one photo at a time. When I mentioned it on Facebook, I got almost instant positive feedback!

What I’ve come up with for the experiment is this:

  • I have a set of 20 Holga color photos that were done in the Mississippi Delta over the last several years.
  • I have ordered 25 copies of each photo as 4×6 postcards with square photos in the center. White borders on each side. They should be in by the 19th of this month.
  • The back of each post card says in the upper left corner:

A Delta Dream
Scene XX
Limited Edition   ____ of 25

The first post card is Scene 1, the second is Scene 2, etc. I’ll add the number from one to twenty five in the blank.

  • I plan to send out one card a week on Mondays, for the 20 weeks it will take to send them all.
  • The price for the subscription will be $20. That’s less than a book, and I hope a lot more fun!

I was a little torn about telling my story that I had for each scene,  or letting the subscriber(s) figure it out for themselves.

What I’ve figured out is that I’ll give this hint… The first three scenes follow the story line “Man, I had this crazy dream one time when I was in the Delta. I was out drinking one night..” and after that, the photos are things I saw in the dream…

So far, 14 people have already said they’d subscribe! If you’d like to subscribe email me me to work out how to get your payment to me or if you have any questions. Off the top of my head, we can do Paypal, or you can mail me a check. Let me know your preference!


4 thoughts on “My First Limited Edition Postcard Set Available Now!”

    1. Thanks Jill! I have one subscription left as it stands right now. I just got the cards in yesterday, they’re awesome! I plan to start the mailings this Monday!

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