Interactions and Arrangements

For a while now I’ve been doing photos of signs that were hand written/painted. I’m interested in the interactions and what made the sign maker motivated to so the sign. What series of events got to this place. I’ve also been photographing things that were arranged by someone for some specific purpose or procedure. Here are a few photos I did in Washington D.C. near the Gallery Place metro stop on a visit with some friends.

I suppose I should look up the religous significance of “Calvary”, but I’m just not up to googling today. This sign was behind a fence at a church. Luckily, I could use my Fuji x100t to get this photo by holding it inside the fence at arm’s length
There’s some interaction between the red and blue on the all and trash can, and the same colors in the beer can. Separated by the tree shadow.
I liked the shapes and colors.
I see the bar owner noticing a problem, then painting his sign and Kong responding to that sign. The owner might have painted again, or some smart ass did.