I applied for a Photo Residency

I’ve been going to the Slow Exposures shows in Georgia for a few years now. They offer residencies each year to encourage photographers and other artists to set aside some focused time to come to the area and create their art. Residencies are typically at very low or  no cost to the artists so they can focus on their work. Anyways, I had to select 6 photos to show them and also submit a few paragraphs about my art and what I want to do. I wanted to come up with a cohesive group of photos that would show a little about my vision and what I’ve done before. This was much harder than you  can imagine! I came up with 3 different groups of photos. Two done with my Holga cameras and one straight digital. I tried to keep them in the area where the residency is. Here are the three groups I considered.

Black and White Holga Photos:

Color Holga Photos

Color Digitals:

Which group do you think I should have submitted?

I’ll post my essay and choices in a few days…


11 thoughts on “I applied for a Photo Residency”

  1. Oh…tough. I lean towards black and white. Because they are more… moody. But that is the wrong word. Very tough choice I am sure.
    I’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed. And keep you in my prayers. That would be so totally awesome Dave!!! When do you find out?

    1. Thanks Sheila! I’m not sure when they’ll decide. The closing date to enter was a few days ago…

  2. I think I like the black and white …. I read someplace that sometimes color can be a distraction… i find that I fliped through the color photos….but spend more time looking at or studying the black and white… but they are all great photos… good luck.. am rooting for you!!! Tess

    1. Yeah, I think going to black and white automatically abstracts the scene in some ways. Thanks for the kind words!

  3. I don’t know, Dave, I think I like the color ones. Since I know you’re usually down here in the summer, I think they represent the warmth of the South, not only the people but the heat and everything the South is known for. I also like the subject matter of the color ones too.

    1. I appreciate your comment! I liked different things about each of the collections! that’s what’s so hard.

  4. Not familiar with a Holga camera. I tend to go with the B&W group. Love the abstract and mysterious quality. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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