You Knew an Angel Had to Pop up

Day 13 of 30 day challenge

While down in Tupelo Mississippi last year, I came across this angel outside the courthouse. She was placed there in the 1908 by the local Women’s Christian Temperance League in commemoration of Statewide Prohibition. At some point, her hand fell off. It’s interesting that I bet there are duplicates of her in many cemeteries.

I wonder what Elvis might have thought about seeing her when he was a kid.

I wonder which version you prefer, the black and white shot on film, the color shot with a digital camera or the black and white I did with a digital? Both digital images were done with my Fuji x100F.

Temperance Angel in Tupelo Mississippi (Holga Film)
Women’s Christian Temperance League Prohibition Commemoration Statue in Tupelo, Mississippi. (Fuji x100F digital)
Digital with Fuji x100F to compare to the Holga first image.

7 thoughts on “You Knew an Angel Had to Pop up”

  1. They are all wonderful. I loke the color, because it is straight on. And the last one, because it makes her seem huge. I do like the vignette effect on the first, and the fact that it is slightly out of focus makes it feel, dreamy, or mystical. 🙂

  2. I like the mystery of the Holga image the best but I also like the color one. The 3rd one doesn’t do much of anything for me and just feels like an average shot. The film really gives it more feeling.

    1. Thanks Rosemary! I like all 3 for different reasons, but the Holga would be my top choice if I had to pick one and only one.

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