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It’s a mood

Day 19 of 30 Day Challenge

I did this while on a walk in the park. A vulture was flying about and I took a few shots, hoping for the best. My camera isn’t really the best one for birds in flight (some photographers use $6-10K lenses on $4000 bodies for that specialty!) but I do like the cinematic feel of this. I hoped the clouds in the sky would add interest. Many people think a clear blue sky is best for photos, but, give me poofy clouds like this and I’m way happier. I added some grain and turned it black and white with the computer. I think it invokes a mood, and I’m good with that.

Stop Looking at me!

Day 17 of 30 Day Challenge

Pottery skulls and pumpkins at a garden center, right after Halloween

As we were heading out of town this garden center display caught our eye. I like photos with a high WTH factor, and those skulls did it for me. I like the cone shaped jack-o-lantern in the back looking at us, and the vibrant colors on the skulls. The Christmas decorations were nearby. These were all outside and unattended on a Sunday morning. I guess it’s safe to do that down south…

It’s Always about the Light

Day 16 0f 30 Day Challenge

I did these two photos of the back side of a building in New Albany, Mississippi early one morning while out with my friend Lowry. In the first one I liked the raking shadows and how the light bounced off the right window onto the electrical circuit box in what should have been the shaded side of the box.

In the second one, I got closer, and filled the frame with what I cared most about. You can see the light came in hard from camera right. That light bounced of the window on the right onto the electrical box. It also bounced off the left window, onto the inside part of the window to the right. That right hand window should be all shaded without the bounce!

New Albany, Mississippi morning light
Morning light bouncing off window panes and creating shadows
You can almost always take better photos by getting closer.