Bombay Hook

I’ve been antsy to get out and take some fall pictures for the last week. The weather hasn’t been right or I haven’t had the time. I finally got out today. I was trying for some pictures of a barn I found that was kind of glowing the other day, but, the pics today didn’t meet my expectations. Another time…

This is an adult and 2 younger raccoons crossing over from an island in one of the ponds to an edge of the pond. At first all I saw was her(?) and the 2 babies. This was as the sun was slipping down behind the trees, so I was lucky to get this shot, and had to brighten it up quite a bit. Thus the washed out detail. But it’s still a cool couple of pics.

Then 3 more immature raccoons followed up. They all crossed the litte mound. The egret and geese paid no attention to the goings on.

The sun slipping behind the phragmites gives them a nice glow. I can’t quite get the pic I see in my head, but this is as close as I got today. Posted by Picasa