Woodland Beach Delaware Photo Shoot with Steffi

So, Steffi and I got together again to do some photos last weekend. I’ve been wanting to shoot this natural, airy, fashiony style for a while.  It finally warmed up enough, and Steffi had a new do, so we were off to the races. We make a great team!

I love impressionist paintings of women. They idealize the subjects and show their grace and femininity. These photos to me are a take on that.

I’ll let the photos tell the rest of the story…

This could easily be a make up ad for some major product line:

I think this gives a glimpse into her personality

One of the reasons I love working with Steffi is she doesn’t have just two looks. I’ve worked with some models that can’t do more than that. Makes for a boring shoot! Steffi has a whole range of looks. We got this series in probably a minute or two.

And of course, I brought out the Holga!

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    1. Thanks Jennifer! I like to think I’m pretty laid back, until I need to be more intense.

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