Hazletville Road Panorama on a Stormy Night.

It was a dark and stormy night. Well almost night. And almost a storm. The clouds were pretty cool tonight as I was eating dinner so I rushed out to try to get some sunset and cloud photos. No real chance at “god- rays” photos, but I decided to try this panoramic view. I loved the clouds and stuff on either end, and really needed the middle to tie them together!This photo wasn’t wide angle enough to catch the colors and shapes I was seeing.

Hazletville Road, looking toward the Papen Farm, near Camden, DelawareSo, I had to add the rest of the photos, using a built in thingy in Photoshop, I merged photos together to get a ~14,000×3300 pixel file! Huge! How do you like my command of the Photoshop language???

Panoramic view of the Papen Farm west of Dover, Delaware.

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