Getting my HCB on: iPhone photos from a waiting room window

Henry Cartier Bresson was a French photographer that specialized in street photography. I’ve been interested for a while in photos of people on their phones or playing with their electronic devices. It seems like a way to isolate themselves from the people that are standing right next to them. It shows the growth of the use of cell phones. It’s somewhat ironic that I did the photos using a pretty decent camera that disguises itself as an iPhone 4s. Photos were captured using Camera+ and processed in the same app. Mostly applying the clarity filter and the black and white conversion afterwards.

Anyways, I found myself in a hospital waiting room looking out the window for a little while this weekend. I couldn’t help trying to make the best  of the bad situation. I got 20 decent photos in about an hour and these are the best ofs from that group.

I liked the shapes here

Both talking to someone else and oblivious to the other
Can she avoid the wall of people? Does she even know it exists?
Follow me!
1 going against the grain

Busy, busy, busy
He seemed to be struggling to get his call going
Dad is checking the path ahead I guess