Holga photo of Bridge over Silver Lake

Holga and a Foggy Morning on Silver Lake, Dover: Made for each other!

It was pretty foggy one morning last week and I headed out to follow my nose and see what I could get into. I ended up at Silver Lake and parked in McGlynn’s Pub parking lot and found a few images I liked. McGlynn’s could be part of my Used to Be series as it used to be the location of The Blue Coat Inn, a restaurant that was there for many years. The owner of the restaurant apparently tried to put a hit on the owner of the building when the arrangement they had went south.

I’m loving my Holga images that I’m getting with the camera I got from Randy at Holgamods. He massages them to get the best performance possible. One of the things he did was to measure the focusing distance of the lens so I can have a better idea of exactly where to set the focus. For the images that follow, it’s really irrelevant, because they’re so far away, I can just use the infinity focus.


Too much camera geek talk.

Here are the photographs.

This first one reminds me of some of the Monet Bridge paintings. Not that I think I’m Monet with a toy camera!

Holga photo of Bridge over Silver LakeLakeside location of Zimmerman Building, Silver Lake, Dover Delaware


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  1. Great stuff Dave but that 2nd image just “WOWS!” The combination of the Holga’s classic imperfection combined with simple understated imagery is fantastic.

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