I knew there were photos in these scenes…

I’ve been driving by these four locations for a while as I head from Dover to Washington, DC. Seems like it’s always a rush to get there and no time to stop, or it’s dark or, or, or.

This was a rough weekend for me in some respects. I took the chance to do some photo therapy to clear my head and went back to get these shots.

I’ve seen this tree in the field for many years. I’ve tried shooting it before and the photos just didn’t work. Friday night as I drove past the tree, I figured out I needed to be about 100-200 yards down the road from where I shot before. When I went back today, I got it!
I knew there was a cool photo here!
By doing this in black and white, you can’t tell when it was done, now or 40 years ago.
I wonder if I can just walk in.
Part of a series of such photos. There was a farm house here. One thing you might notice is it’s higher on the right side, where the house used to be. Agricultural practices have caused erosion that lowers the profile of the land that wasn’t protected from plowing because there is a house there!


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    1. Thank you sir! It’s not obvious at this size, but on the top photo, the full size photo has a deer in it to the right of the tree right on the edge of the corn.

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