More Fuji x100s Black and White photos in the Delta

Black and white mail boxes, one with bullet hole
I guess this old mailbox needed some ventilation. Loved the shapes
Crossroads near the Dockery Plantation
This is one of the crossroads that may have inspired Robert Johnson’s song about selling his soul to the devil to learn to play music. This one is near the Dockery Plantation. There are at least 4 crossroads that have this story attached. The intersection of 49 and 61 near Clarksdale Mississippi was not in existence at the time Johnson was alive. Some folks ignore that fact when they say that was the one.
Robert Johnson's headstone
Some text RJ wrote before he died
Robert Johnson's headstone with mementoes
Some folks visited Robert Johnson’s grave and left their respects.
Church from the movie "the Help"
This is the church used in the movie “the Help”