Scenes in Black and White from Greensboro Md

More Fuji x100s goodness.  I went cruising about following my nose early today and came to Greensboro Maryland and stopped in a more or less abandoned industrial area and got these photos. The remind me of scenes in an old movie perhaps.

Abandoned building Greensboro MD
Old building that has seen better days.
Abandoned auto shop details Greensboro MD
Handyman’s Auto body Repairs is on the sliding door of the building
Ice cream building in Greensboro, MD
I thought the name was interesting and wondered what happened to the company. Photographically, I like the arrangements of the windows, door, signs, and pallets.
Garage doors and cement block make interesting patterns
I liked the shapes and repetition

2 thoughts on “Scenes in Black and White from Greensboro Md”

  1. I am a Greensboro native born there in 1940. Remember Cupid well. Great photos.; You could do well revisiting, because there is much more that is photographical.

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