Please Help Ashley Lebedev if you can

A while back I reviewed Ashley’s project .  She is one of my favorite photographers as you may have deduced. She has always been fragile I think, but, now she is in the health battle of her life.

She may not win. 

I can’t tell you how much that makes my spirit ache. Just thinking it is hard. She apparently has some autoimmune disorders and a host of other issues that aren’t simple to diagnose or treat.  I hate to see her suffering, and the thought of losing her so early is like a knife in the gut to me.

Ashley Lebedev has a Gofundme page. I hope you’ll make a donation there. If you’re localish (Philly, DC, Baltimore, etc)  to me, I’d love to do a photo shoot for you and have you donate to her gofundme instead of paying me. I can’t stand the idea of sitting by and watching without doing something to try to stop this.