day 3 of 30 Day Challenge!

Chrome fixtures on an old claw foot tub. Love the shadows! And… look at the ring in this tub!

I was hoping the chrome fixtures on this old bath tub at a restoration place near Batesville, Mississippi would show up well, and it worked out. There are hundreds of old porcelain claw foot tubs sitting outside waiting to be restored and sold right next to one of the main highways. I’ve been there several times and knew there was a picture there, but just couldn’t find “the one”… Photographers know what I mean! lol Anyways, I was there with a group of other photographers and I finally found a few photos that I liked.

Tubs near Batesville Mississippi.

These photos are not really about “tubs” but about shapes and shadows. At least they are for me!

7 thoughts on “day 3 of 30 Day Challenge!”

  1. Why is it, how can it be, that these shapes are so… comforting. The rounded edges surely. But also I am sure, the memories of childhood bath time. I can feel the cool, slightly rough, worn porcelain. So much better than modern tubs! It sounds like a fun day Dave. I am curious to see what else you came across on that trip . 🙂 Have fun 🙂

    1. There’s something comforting about a cast iron tub. It feels more real than a fiberglass shower/tub inset. I know the fiberglass is more up to date and probably has other benefits, but, there it is! I did have a fun trip. I have several more photos from it to share too!

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