Day 5 of 30 Day Challenge

Here we go! Still in Mississippi! Black and white or color? I think fire hydrants are cool. Every city does theirs different colors, and they all have different designs. I “know” there’s a photo there when I see them, but I don’t often get something I like. I think I did ok with these though.

I tried to be intentional with the shadows, and hoped to catch the silverynessosity of the body of the hydrant.
Same town, different hydrant! Again, I was watching the shadows, as seen with this on exiting through the bottom right corner

7 thoughts on “Day 5 of 30 Day Challenge”

  1. LOVE that word Dave! 10 points for the word alone, LOL 🙂 I think I like that one best. Something about it just feels right. But I LOVE the green. Just because I have never seen green, that I remember. And, it’s not easy being green. LOL 🙂 OK, it’s late. I’m cracking myself up, but I am sure I am the only one. LOL 🙂
    Love them Dave 🙂

  2. Hi David, I am so delighted you are doing this and hope you keep going beyond the 30 days!
    These hydrants are terrific and of course the long form is what we are all need and are starving for!

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