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Beautiful Light at Port Mahon

I was out at Port Mahon the other day and saw this amazing light as I was coming back home. The sky was mostly grey to dark grey and I saw the light filtering through a thinner patch of low hanging clouds to give this ethereal light. It only lasted less than a minute, on this spot, so I rushed and got this.. Light on wetlands in overcast conditionsThis could be a good metaphor for life. It’s short and fleeting. Some moments of pleasure and beauty will be missed if you aren’t there for them, either physically, or totally in the moment. There are no bright signs saying “look here!” If we don’t see them on our own, too bad.  If we’re busy gazing at our phones or otherwise distracted, we’re gonna miss them. It’ll be like they never happened.

When that light faded, I drove less than a mile down the road and waited to see if anything else would happen. Then the tanks of jet fuel for the Dover Air Force Base, lit up… especially the last tank on the right!

Light on Gas Tanks near Port Mahon, Delaware

Sunrise at Port Mahon Delaware

I’m moving some files around on my hard drives and looking through some stuff from last year. Here are two images I haven’t posted before. They are pretty much straight out of the camera at the crack of dawn, literally. Port Mahon is a quiet beach area on the Delaware Bay. It once was home to a thriving fishing industry. Now there are a few boats that use it and a fishing pier. With every really high tide or storm, the road gets covered in sand and has to be plowed or reinforced. In the summer it is a massive horseshoe crab breeding ground with all the smells that go with thousands of dead crabs that got caught by an outgoing tide and left high and dry. There is a certain beauty to the place though…. Port Mahon Delaware at Sunrise