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A foggy morning in the Delta

It was the last day of my trip to the Delta to hang out with a bunch of photo friends and the plan was to get checked out of the Shack Up Inn at 8 a.m. and do some more riding around and photos with my buddy.  I set my alarm for 6:30 so I could have a leisurely shower and get my stuff packed and triple check the room for chargers left behind, or whatever. For some reason, I woke just before the alarm and looked out the window to see some dew on the window. I got up to look out and saw it. FOG! I texted Lowry to see if he was up and tell him about the FOG!  I jumped into some clothes, brushed my teeth and grabbed my bag to head towards where his shack was. All plans to pack etc were ditched, because, you know, FOG! Lowry was up and we were on the road in no time. I wanted to get some photos of the church right across from the Inn, and we did that, then Lowry suggested we try for the swamp right up the road a bit. It was a gold mine!  We did some more riding around, found some cool trees and shot them for a bit, then the fog started to lift. We both knew the photos from that morning would make the trip. I’ll let you judge.

Blue Chevy truck on the ground of the Shack Up Inn, Clarksdale MS
Probably one of the most photographed trucks in Mississippi, it’s on the grounds of the Shack Up Inn. I had to work the angles to avoid capturing the newer cars parked behind it and preserve the idea this could have been shot in the 60s.
Lone tree in fog near Clarksdale MS
So, I didn’t really love any of the church photos in the fog. This tree next to it works for me though. I liked the differing textures on the ground in front and the silhouette of the tree itself.
lone tree in fog separated from his neighbors
I liked the separated tree being apart from the others
Trees pointing to another tree in the foggy swamp near Clarksdale MS
I took advantage of the reflections and the trees to create the stripes in the photo. I liked the downward slope of the trees on the left pointing to the lone tree on the right
Foggy swamp scene near Clarksdale MS
Loved the Silhouettes
Swampy sunrise near Clarksdale MS
Same scene as the earlier photo, just a slightly different angle. I liked the sloping line that kind of creates a triangle on the left side of the photo.
Swamp scene in fog near Clarksdale MS
Loved the shapes and reflections
Sun and containers in fog near Clarksdale MS at railroad crossing
This is what I was shooting when the truck came by
Truck going over railroad crossing in Fog near Clarksdale MS
This truck was coming down the road, and I only had one chance to get this. Loved the shapes
Color version of the B&W
Color version of the B&W below
Two trees separated in the fog
Two trees separated in the fog
Barren tree and field in fog near Clarksdale MS
We were cruising by and had to stop for this scene. It reminded me of a movie scene.
Mississippi delta fog and sunlight in trees
This looks like stage lights being set

Foggy morning on Rt 9 in Delaware with Fuji x100s

Port Mahon Pier in fog
The pier at Port Mahon. I liked the reflections of the supports in the water and the spooky look of the fog

I love shooting in the fog because of the mystery it adds to the photos. In fact, one of my prize winning photo is of a foggy bridge in Dover. It’s also very ephemeral and can be a little frustrating too. More than once I’ve decided to bypass looking for shots in one area to go to another area, hoping for something cool to be in the second area. And, as I got closer to the second area, seen the fog dissipating. Clearly, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush applies to photos in the fog too! A few weeks ago my wife woke me up early telling me there was fog outside. I quickly mobilized and grabbed my camera bag with my trusty new Fuji x100s and a few other cameras and headed out towards Rt. 9. Rt 9 runs most of the length of the state right along the coast.  In fact, several stretches of it get flooded on big storm and high tide events. My first stop was at Port Mahon, where I’ve shot before, more than once.

After I left Port Mahon, I continued north on Rt9, hoping for some interesting photos of the crab boats there in the fog. I struck out , but turned around to head back to Dover and my day job when I saw the sun glowing behind some cool stuff and made sure to keep my eyes open!

Farm on Rt9 in morning fog
As I was returning from Leipsic to work, i was headed into the sun and caught this and came to a screeching halt to do the photo.
Tree Silhouette at sunrise in fog
And I came to a screeching halt for this photo too. It reminded me of the out of Africa photos we’ve all seen.

I’m enjoying shooting with the Fuji x100s. Its easy to carry around and gets great photos. The fixed focal length lens takes a little getting used to, but, using it with the electronic view finder makes it so easy to get photos exposed the way I want.