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Andrew Wyeth “Autobiography” and a puff of white fur

I’m reading Andrew Wyeth’s book “Autobiography” that accompanied an art show of Wyeth’s works back in the 90s. I love his work! What makes the book so interesting is that Wyeth talks a little about how or why he made the paintings in the book. Many of the paintings are based on some small, seemingly insignificant detail that we might not notice without Andrew telling us what he was thinking or seeing that day that inspired the painting.

In this photo that I did with my Fuji x100s the other day I was at first commenting on the casual disposal of what remained of what was once a beautiful animal. What drew me in when I processed the photo in Lightroom and MacPhun Tonality Pro was the puff of white fur on the far left back side of the deer in the photo. The details by the mouth are of interest too.  I first learned of Tonality from a write up by a very talented photographer from San Diego, Peter Tellone.

Deer Remains found in a parking area near a wildlife area
Deer Remains found in a parking area near a wildlife area

Foggy morning on Rt 9 in Delaware with Fuji x100s

Port Mahon Pier in fog
The pier at Port Mahon. I liked the reflections of the supports in the water and the spooky look of the fog

I love shooting in the fog because of the mystery it adds to the photos. In fact, one of my prize winning photo is of a foggy bridge in Dover. It’s also very ephemeral and can be a little frustrating too. More than once I’ve decided to bypass looking for shots in one area to go to another area, hoping for something cool to be in the second area. And, as I got closer to the second area, seen the fog dissipating. Clearly, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush applies to photos in the fog too! A few weeks ago my wife woke me up early telling me there was fog outside. I quickly mobilized and grabbed my camera bag with my trusty new Fuji x100s and a few other cameras and headed out towards Rt. 9. Rt 9 runs most of the length of the state right along the coast.  In fact, several stretches of it get flooded on big storm and high tide events. My first stop was at Port Mahon, where I’ve shot before, more than once.

After I left Port Mahon, I continued north on Rt9, hoping for some interesting photos of the crab boats there in the fog. I struck out , but turned around to head back to Dover and my day job when I saw the sun glowing behind some cool stuff and made sure to keep my eyes open!

Farm on Rt9 in morning fog
As I was returning from Leipsic to work, i was headed into the sun and caught this and came to a screeching halt to do the photo.
Tree Silhouette at sunrise in fog
And I came to a screeching halt for this photo too. It reminded me of the out of Africa photos we’ve all seen.

I’m enjoying shooting with the Fuji x100s. Its easy to carry around and gets great photos. The fixed focal length lens takes a little getting used to, but, using it with the electronic view finder makes it so easy to get photos exposed the way I want.

Sunrise at Port Mahon Delaware

I’m moving some files around on my hard drives and looking through some stuff from last year. Here are two images I haven’t posted before. They are pretty much straight out of the camera at the crack of dawn, literally. Port Mahon is a quiet beach area on the Delaware Bay. It once was home to a thriving fishing industry. Now there are a few boats that use it and a fishing pier. With every really high tide or storm, the road gets covered in sand and has to be plowed or reinforced. In the summer it is a massive horseshoe crab breeding ground with all the smells that go with thousands of dead crabs that got caught by an outgoing tide and left high and dry. There is a certain beauty to the place though…. Port Mahon Delaware at Sunrise